THURSDAY 25.3.2021

time: from 12 noon to 2pm

Free measuring training:

Lymed products for the upper body

Hosted by
Lymed Oy
March 25th
12:00 EET

Join us online for a free Lymed product training:

Do you already work with Lymed products and want to strengthen your expertise? Do you sell Lymed products?

This product training is for you!

Learn how to measure upper body products with Lymed!

We will go through measuring and ordering of Lymed products for the upper body. After the product training we will answer questions from the attendees.

Product training will take approximately an hour and we will have about 15 minutes reserved for questions at the end.

You can send us questions in the chat during the live training!

Attend anywhere and play the recording afterwards as many times as needed!

The product training will be recorded and a viewing link will be sent to all who registered for the webinar the next day. The video will be available for two weeks.

So if you're not available at the time of the webinar, no worries!

Register now and watch the recording later at a time suitable for you.

What do you need to attend our free training session?

You'll only need Computer or any mobile device with speakers or headphones to listen & view.Measuring instructions and order formsMeasuring tape, a person /model/ mannequin/ colleague to practise measuring on

Download the measuring instructions and order forms from our website's file bank. You'll need a measuring tape and a person/ model/ mannequin /colleague to practise measuring on.

Please read about the theory and how to use pressure garments beforehand on our website's All about pressure section.

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We use live models for training and some skin will be exposed while measuring.All questions will have to be written in English in the chat section of our webinar. You cannot use your microphone.

Webinar's host and Lymed product specialist:

Marko Salenius, key account manager

Lymed Oy

Marko has a long history in working with compression products, customer service and measuring. In this product training Marko will walk you through the principles of measuring - to a T!

March 25th
12:00 EET
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